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Diagrams of Buildings’ Water Meter Outlets

It is important that you know the location of your water meter pit. There is a significant length of pipe in your crawlspace ahead of the main shutoff valve. It is improbable that you will have a leak in this section. But if you do, the only method to stop it is to shut off the valve in the water meter pit. Your choice is to:

  • Have Denver Water send someone out
  • Call a Plumber
  • Have the tools to turn it off yourself

These tools are readily available on You will need a 5-point 13/16″ socket and a long handled water meter pit wrench.

If you choose to do it yourself:

  1. Use a 5-point socket wrench to release the cover.
  2. Carefully lift the cover and set it to one side.
  3. There is a wire from the register unit in the pit to the transponder in the cover. Be careful to not damage this wire.
  4. Just inside the pit is a plastic litter catcher. Lift this out and set aside. Approximately 3 feet down is the meter and the shutoff valve.

To see where the pits are located, please see the maps below:

Building A

Building B

Building C

Building D

Building E

Building F

Building G

Building H

Building I

Building J

Building K

Building L

Building M

Building N

Building O

Building P

Building Q

Building R

Building S

Building T

Building U

Building V

Building W

Building X

Building Y

Building Z

Building AA

Building BB

Building CC

Building DD

Building EE

Building FF

Building GG

Building HH

Building II

Building JJ

Building KK

Building LL

Building MM

Building NN

Building OO

Building PP

Building QQ

Building RR

Building SS

Building TT

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